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NYS TARC Newsletter—April 2022

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

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NYSED News/Updates

Important Reminders for April from the 21st CCLC Timeline:

  • REQUIRED: GPA for GPRA Information Session: April 6, 2022. All Program Managers and Site Coordinators from grants/schools that serve grades 7-8 and 10-12 are required to attend. If the Program Manager or Site Coordinator cannot attend a required session, programs must designate another person to go in their place. Contact your appropriate Resource Center with the name of the replacement. Register here:

  • Conduct Local Program Evaluator’s Point of Service quality review (March-May).

  • Certify student demographics, monthly enrollment, activities and attendance records in EZReports.

  • Ensure that students' State ID numbers (RoS) or OSIS ID (NYC) numbers are entered for every student enrolled and teachers’ names are entered for every student in grades 1-5.

  • Submit FS-25 claim forms to Grants Finance (if applicable).

  • Measurement Incorporated will conduct exploratory site visits (for ten local programs) between March-April for selected programs.

  • The Mandatory 2022 Spring Statewide Conference will be held virtually on Jun 8, 2022. In order to maintain full compliance for 2022 Spring Conference attendance, subgrantees must ALSO attend two of the following four webinars:

  • May 4: Power of Wellness workshop

  • May 11: Parent and Family Engagement

  • May 18: In-Person and Virtual Behavior Management

  • May 25: Strategies in Change Management

  • Check out the Updated Program Modification Request Fact Sheet

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~In Case You Missed It~

End-of-Grant Closeout Information Session:


This Restorative Practice Toolkit created by Finger Lakes Community Schools provides foundation and guidelines for repairing harm by promoting the principles of the Collaborative Attachment, Regulation, Competency, & Health (ARCH) model.

Check out more Restorative Practice Resources on the NYS Community Schools Technical Assistance Centers website section here.

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Required 21C Events:

Apr 6: Mandatory GPA for GPRA Information Session - POSTPONED! New date TBA.

June 8: End-of-Year Spring Conference

  • The end-of-year conference will be held virtually this year. In addition to the end-of-year event, grantees are expected to participate in two of the following professional development webinars as well. The dates for these offerings are May 4, May 11, May 18, and May 25 from 10-11:15am. More information will be coming soon.


Other (non-required) events that may interest you:

April 7: Spring Rural School Mental Health Series Webinar: Using What You Already Have—A Workshop to Support Faculty

April 8 + 9: Virtual Conference: Schools Out, Make It Count! | NYS Network for Youth Success

April 19: CCSI Tuesday Talk Series Event: Racism Is a Public Health Crisis

April 27: STEAM activities for k-5. Discover Science with Dr. Bear.

October 11-15: National Family Engagement Summit

Pre-recorded webinar: Designing Expanded and Enriched Learning Opportunities for English Language Learners

Pre-recorded webinar: Aligning the School Day With Afterschool

Upcoming CSTAC Webinars & Events:

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RoS Spotlight

Odessa Montour Reach Program Enriches Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity Through Friendship and Food

“The Odessa Montour Reach Program has added new sections of Enrichment activities this year! The Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity Enrichment opportunity is offering students the chance to develop friendships with children in other parts of the world. The staff has utilized educational contacts that teach ESL to children in various parts of the world and pair their students with ours. The ESL children can enhance their learning experience with a friendship and conversational English. Our children develop global awareness. This program has blossomed with increasing interest and excitement. We do not have enough contacts (yet) for all the children but the responses that our “pen pals” receive are shared with their peers. In our spring session we have a youngster from Germany that will be talking to his pen pal’s 4th grade class utilizing Zoom. We also have two teenagers, one from Germany and one from Japan, that are looking forward to a Zoom meeting with our Reach students to answer questions and talk about their countries and culture. One of the things that the children most enjoy and was a surprising revelation to some, was how much alike we all are…from loving ice cream, to playing soccer and video games and spending time cuddling our pets!”

“We would also love to highlight the Culinary Enrichment program. This activity is one of the most embraced by our children. They love to cook and boy, do they love to eat! We have done a diverse cross-section of food. The one prerequisite for our weekly recipes is that the children can participate and potentially make these recipes at home (with some supervision). We had one little boy recently, proudly tell me that he had made his family's dinner and they loved it…he made the grilled cheesy pizza sandwiches! The children learn about the health benefits of the ingredients that they use as they prepare their various dishes…such as cinnamon lowering blood sugar, strawberries lowering blood pressure and increasing your HDL (good) cholesterol, garlic boosts immunity and improves heart health. The recipes are printed, and each child takes them home. The Reach kids have made fruit smoothies, pinwheels sandwiches, fruit and vegetable 'bugs and creatures', French toast sticks, just to name a few!”

—Submitted by Ceridwen Stermer, Site Coordinator at Howard A. Hanlon Elementary School

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NYC Spotlights

Manhattan Students Curate a Black History Celebration

We would like to spotlight Partnership With Children at PS 194 in Manhattan for the awesome pop-up Black History Month museum that was student-created. Thank you to Camille Gill and her creative staff for all of their hard work!


Brooklyn Students Decorate Portals to Great Moments & Figures in Black History

Students in the Academics in Motion/New York Edge 21st CCLC program at Brooklyn Collegiate High School held a door decorating contest for Black History Month. Each door celebrates trailblazers past and present, including authors, artists, and mental health pioneers. The winning group each received an Adidas book bag!

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To be featured in an upcoming newsletter, submit your stories and photos here.

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