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NYS TARC Newsletter—April 2024

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Evaluators' Corner

Registration for the Spring 21st Century CCLC Conference is now open, and we can't wait to see you.

21st Century Conference

Friday, April 19

➡️ Register Here ⬅️

 NOTE: The 21st Century Conference on April 19th is the only mandatory day for 21st Century subgrantees. Program Directors are required to attend, along with two additional persons. It is recommended that the Fiscal Manager is one of them. Evaluators are, as always, encouraged to attend! Registration closes on April 3! Register today!


Important Reminders from the NEWLY UPDATED 21st CCLC Timeline:

Budget Amendments are due March 15th. BAs must be submitted through the Survey Monkey Apply (SMA) Portal.  For more information, visit the Fiscal/Budgets section of the NYSED 21st CCLC website. If a program completes a Program Modification for a vendor or partner change, it is no longer required to include a BA. Some vendor or partner changes will still require a BA, therefore we recommend reaching out to your Technical Assistance Resource Center (TARC) for assistance. Updated guidance will be forthcoming.

Conduct a comprehensive Needs Assessment for the next program year. Engaging participants and their families in these information-gathering processes can occur at multiple points during the program year and may include any documentable methods such as surveys, polls, focus group conversations, or the collection of written/verbal correspondence expressing needs, requests, and recommendations for potential program offerings. 

Attend the required, in-person Spring 2023 End of the Year Conference in collaboration with the NYS Network for Youth Success Annual Conference, April 19, 2024. 

Begin the Teacher Survey process (required only for programs serving students in grades 1-5.




Register now! April 19, 2024: 21st Century Community Learning Center Conference

Register now for the 21st CCLC Spring 2024 Conference! This is a joint conference with the Network for Youth Success. Attendance is required for all program directors for the 21st CCLC portion of the conference, which is April 19, 2024.

Registration close April 3!


These are non-required events that may interest you:

Ongoing: Self-Paced Professional Development

The Resource Centers have partnered with Change Impact to offer a unique PD experience with Change Up Learning – an interactive online PD platform. Change Up Learning offers a variety of self-paced courses on relevant topics including Equity and Inclusion, Trauma-informed Practices, Positive Youth Development and more! These free courses are not mandatory, but available to support 21st CCLC subgrantees – and have been approved for New York State SACC credits. Create an account and access the growing library of courses by using the custom links below:


Apr 11 - 13  USDOE / EXPLR: National STEM Festival 

The U.S. Department of Education, in partnership with EXPLR, will co-present the first-ever National STEM Festival to recognize outstanding student science and engineering solutions to pressing global issues.

The U.S. Department of Education and EXPLR are excited to announce their public-private partnership to co-present the first-ever National STEM Festival, a nationwide effort to identify and encourage the next generation of innovators in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Under the Biden-Harris Administration, the U.S. Department of Education has prioritized rigorous, relevant, and joyful STEM education for the nation’s students to engender a sense of belonging in STEM and to ensure 21st century college and career readiness. The U.S. Department of Education and EXPLR are committed to creating equitable opportunities for STEM learning for students from all backgrounds.

The National STEM Festival will take place in person, April 11-13, 2024, at The Square, 1850 K St., NW, Washington, DC. The schedule to date follows:

  • April 11 – the Department will host a 2nd You Belong in STEM Convening   (invitation only)

  • April 12 – student innovators will exhibit their projects for the media and federal VIPs. (invitation only)

  • April 13, 12:00-5:00 PM – student innovators and federal STEM agencies will exhibit  for the public (open invitation)

“The Biden-Harris Administration is thrilled to have the U.S. Department of Education team up with EXPLR to host the first-ever National STEM Festival,” said U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona. “To Raise the Bar in education, we must provide all students with rich and engaging STEM learning experiences that unleash their love of learning and problem-solving skills. This event is an exciting opportunity to celebrate our future scientists, creators, and innovators, and to help more students recognize they that too belong in STEM.”

“EXPLR is passionate about helping kids realize their potential,” said EXPLR CEO Jenny Buccos. “Through the National STEM Festival, we are shining a spotlight on this nation’s brilliant young minds, including those from underrepresented backgrounds. Genius should never go overlooked.”


Wednesday, April 17th - 10:00 - 11:00am

Leading Effective Professional Development

Creating meaningful professional development experiences for staff is both crucial and challenging. In this session, participants will explore tools for planning effective trainings and develop strategies to enhance facilitation practices. 

Satisfies NY SACC Categories:

(3) Child day care program development (5) Business Record Maintenance & Management

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Apr 17 + 18  NYSED: 2nd Annual School Safety Summit 

The New York State Education Department’s Second Annual School Safety Summit: Back by Popular Demand!!!

  • The free, two-day, in-person School Safety Summit will take place on Wednesday, April 17th – Thursday, April 18th, 2024 at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center in Albany, NY.

  • The summit will provide training, information, and resources on topics related to Emergency Response Plan development and implementation, and sessions designed to help create safe and supportive learning environments for the whole school community.  

  • Many New York-based technical assistance centers will be highlighted to connect participants with high-quality resources available to support school personnel in fostering safe schools.

  • School, district, and BOCES personnel involved in the development and implementation of school and district safety plans, including superintendents, principals, district chief emergency officers, and other key K-12 safety team staff are invited to attend.

  • Capacity is limited. Attendance on both days is required.  Register for the Summit here.

Questions may be directed to


Apr 17 - 20 NYS Network for Youth Success: Empower Youth Success Conference 2024 *This includes the 21stCCLC Spring Conference on April 19, mandatory for Program Directors


Apr 25 RoS TARC: QSA Presentation and Q&A

Come learn, collaborate, and brainstorm how to administer and utilize the QSA in a 21st CCLC program.


Open to all 21st CCLC subgrantees! 

Provided by the RoS TARC, facilitated by Tess Christmas

  • April 25th, 2024 

  • 10:00 AM 

  • QSA Presentation and Q&A


April 25 & May 23 Collaborative for Advancing Health Equity in Out-of-School Time: Community of Practice: Centering Equitable Approaches to Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in OST 

The Collaborative for Advancing Health Equity in Out-of-School Time (CAHE-OST) invites OST professionals to join the Centering Equitable Approaches to Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in OST CoP! Each 1-hour session will host experienced OST professionals sharing promising practices that align with advancing equity, healthy eating, and physical activity. Time will be allotted for participants to examine their practices and policies related to the topic and discuss challenges and solutions for advancing health equity in OST. This CoP is available to 21st CCLC grantees at no cost. 

As part of the registration, participants will be asked if they would like to present a promising practice related to the CoP topics. Using this information, CAHE-OST will work to identify and prepare selected participants with a presentation to be shared during the related CoP session.  

  • April 25th, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm CSTTopic: Deconstructing family involvement & engagement

  • May 23rd, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm CSTTopic: Full Circle: Celebrating Success

Attend any session that accommodates your schedule.     

For more information, please email us at Additional resources are available on the website.


May 2


Tuesday, May 21st - 11:00am - 12:00pm


Thursday, June 6th - 11:00am - 12:00pm



New York State Total Solar Eclipse Information
  • The Office of Standards and Instruction has released the New York State Total Solar Eclipse webpage as a resource for educators, school administrators, students, and their families to learn about the solar eclipse, which will be visible in New York State on April 8, 2024.

  • New York will be one of eleven contiguous U.S. states situated within the path of totality for the total solar eclipse. Several regions of the state will be in the direct path of totality. Other parts will be able to view a partial solar eclipse.

  • The webpage includes information on potential considerations for school, resources for parents and educators, and connections to the New York State Learning Standards.

  • Questions can be directed to the Office of Standards and Instruction at or 518-474-5922.

Are you ready for the total solar eclipse that will take place on April 8, 2024? This exciting event will find many parts of New York state in the path of totality, which means those areas will experience a total eclipse if skies are clear. Schools, libraries and cultural institutions are busy planning many different eclipse-related and STEM events to engage students of all ages in this rare phenomenon.

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Presentation from NYSED and Q&A on Current NYS Graduation Requirements Hosted by NYSSCA (Date change)
  • On Tuesday, April 9 (date change) at 3:00 pm, the NYS School Counselor Association (NYSSCA) will host a presentation and Q&A session on the current NYS graduation requirements.

  • While this session will be tailored to new high school counselors, all counselors seeking the latest information or a refresher are encouraged to join.

  • Session topics will include current graduation requirements, diploma types, multiple (+1) pathways, endorsements, and transfer students.

  • Register here for the webinar. Additional information may be referenced on the informational flyer

Answers to questions about the current NYS graduation requirements may be found in the Graduation Requirements FAQ.  Additional questions may be emailed to


Celebrating Military-Connected Children in April During the Month of the Military Child
  • April is designated as the Month of the Military Child or “Purple Up! For Military Kids.”

  • New York State is a member of the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3), which addresses the key educational transition issues encountered by military-connected students.

  • We are asking for your support in April for “Purple Up! For Military Kids” by:

    • Coordinating a district-wide month or day celebrating military-connected students and promoting the event(s) through your communication channels (e.g., website, newsletters, media), stakeholders, and partners by tagging #MIC3Compact and #purpleup4militarykids.

    • Drafting a letter or memorandum to your schools encouraging them to consider sponsoring an activity.

    • Attending a district or school event celebrating “Purple Up! For Military Kids.”


Program Spotlights

Sowing the Seeds of Inspiration

Chris DeCesare, Creating Rural Opportunities Partnership (CROP) Afterschool Program, CROP Senior Program Manager


Chris DeCesare is program director for Morris Central School CROP program which serves four schools in Otsego County. She has been a part of the CROP program for five years— first as a community partner educator and then as a program director. Through her environmental education background, she hopes to spark fun and creativity in program offerings for students and staff.


Chris has always felt that she wants to make a difference. Working in afterschool is a great way to impact the lives of children and their families. She feels incredibly lucky to work with such dedicated staff at her schools and thanks her colleagues in the Charlotte Valley and Roxbury CROP grants for collaborating to create a cohesive CROP program across 14 different schools.


Up, Up, and Away!

"I am happy to show you all an Eyewitness news segment that showcases our very own Vidya Motilall. I am very proud of Vidya and we all should. She is heading in the right direction towards being a licensed pilot. I would like to thank United Youth Aviators and Mr. James Grant, CEO of OPUS, for making this a possibility for our students." -Site Director Raheem Phillips

The aviation program also produced Staten Island honors student who became a licensed pilot, making history at age 17.

This submission is from our subgrantee Mr. Grant from Opus Dance Theater. 

To be featured in an upcoming newsletter, submit your stories and photos here.


 Evaluators' Corner

An invitation to participate in Phase II of the SEL Pilot Study was sent by Elizabeth Whipple to all Program Directors and Local Evaluators on March 19.  

If you have not already done so, please return the Indication of Interest form to MI by April 15.



Evaluators: Register for the Statewide Conference! 

April 19th in Troy, NY  Link to FREE Registration

  • Join colleagues for the not-work Network hang at Brown's Brewery on Thursday evening, 4/18

  • Friday morning, grab your coffee and attend a short, working meeting before the conference kick-off

  • Reconvene with colleagues and client-partners in the afternoon for the practitioners' session: "Stories of Collaboration & Success." 



Updated AER Documents

Note: This report is due no later than 9/30/24 and can be emailed to

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