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NYS TARC Newsletter—October 2023

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

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To ensure that your programs receive important, and sometimes urgent, communications from NYSED and the Resource Centers, please be sure to safelist the following email addresses.

  • NYSED General Inbox:

  • Rest of State Resource Center General Inbox:

  • NYC Resource Center General Inbox:

With respect to district grants, we understand some schools may need special request from their IT department to safelist and the process can take some time; therefore we encourage Program Directors to share this message with other key 21st CCLC staff. This would include site coordinators, fiscal managers, evaluators, data managers and educational liaisons.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your TARC.


Important Reminders from the 21st CCLC Timeline:

*GPA Calculators are past due. Get yours submitted immediately.* For complete details, refer back to emails from your resource center and NYSED.

Ongoing Tasks:
  • EZReports Data Entry:

    • Monthly certification of student demographics, enrollment, activities, and attendance records.

    • Monthly entry of new students’ State 10-digit ID numbers (RoS) or OSIS 9-digit ID(NYC) numbers for every enrolled student.

    • Monthly update of teachers’ names entered for every new student enrolled in grades 1-5. This information will be used to populate the distribution for the Teacher Surveys at the end of the year

  • Convene and document the proceedings of required meetings and events with data manager, fiscal manager, educational liaison, evaluator, partners, program staff, and/or safety team. This includes Advisory Board Meetings, Collaborative Planning Time with schools and partners, internal Professional Development Sessions, Family Forums, and other organizational events. See Site Monitoring Visit(SMV) Tool for more detail and timeline requirements.

  • Actively maintain all required programmatic, fiscal, and operational records and annually updated plans in a system that allows for efficient retrieval and ready use (for evaluation, accountability, and other reporting procedures).

Upcoming Tasks

Thank you to all the subgrantees who submitted their AERs and FS-10Fs by the September 30, 2023 deadline. If you missed this deadline, please submit these documents immediately: AERs go to, FS10-Fs go to (These deadlines pertain to programs funded in the original Round 8 programs only, not 8a; AERs for Round 8a will be due September 30, 2024). Keep contact information current in EZReports and with your TARC! Staff changes occur and it is important that you update EZReports and the Rest of State and NYC Resource Centers of key position changes (fiscal contact, evaluator, data manager, educational liaison, site coordinators, etc.) School Age Child Care (SACC) Registrations must be current and sent to NYSED and TARCs before programming can begin. NYC Subgrantees: Attend the NYC Fall Conference November 14, 2023, at Interchurch Center. To Register, use this link. For additional details, visit Complete surveys and/or data collection (e.g., staff implementation survey) for participating programs in SEL Pilot Study. TBD

Attend/participate in Lights on Afterschool, the nationwide event organized by The Afterschool Alliance to celebrate afterschool programs and call attention to their value. October 26, 2023.

Convene 2nd Advisory Board Meeting (November-December). Include all stakeholders. Topics might include review of initial program implementation efforts, enrollment/participation, family engagement plans/activities, staff development plans, internal improvement cycle/QSA process. Participate in the 1st Evaluator’s Site Visit, conducted by the Local Program Evaluator. This is an opportunity to open the program to the observation of the partnering evaluator, collaborate to track progress indicators, and to receive valuable, actionable feedback about program implementation. Summary findings from this visit can be used to inform the continuous improvement cycle and communicate progress updates to staff and stakeholders. Update the Evaluation Plan and Logic Model/Theory of Change, as needed. Submit to NYSED the Evaluability checklists, completed in collaboration with the Local Program Evaluator. Send by December 31, 2023, to (Required for Round 8A subgrantees only). See SMV Indicator H-2.

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EZReports Guidance

PRO TIP ⚡️: The Resource Center has created A Starters Guide to EZReports 23-24, a very user-friendly guide to help your program get started using the EZReports system. It covers everything you need to know from entering attendance, creating sessions, entering holidays, and a frequently asked question section. Remember, in order to enter students into the system, you will need either their State 10-digit ID numbers (RoS) or OSIS 9-digit ID(NYC) numbers. Work with your districts early to secure this important information. The Resource Centers are here to help! Contact information is available here.

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21st CCLC NYC Fall Conference:
  • Nov 14, 9am - 4pm​

  • Interchurch Center, 61 Claremont Ave, New York, NY 10115​

This is a mandatory, in-person event for all NYC Program Directors. Fiscal Coordinators, Evaluators, Data Managers.

Register by asap! REGISTER


These are non-required events that may interest you:

Ongoing: Self-Paced Professional Development

The Resource Centers have partnered with Change Impact to offer a unique PD experience with Change Up Learning – an interactive online PD platform. Change Up Learning offers a variety of self-paced courses on relevant topics including Equity and Inclusion, Trauma-informed Practices, Positive Youth Development and more! These free courses are not mandatory, but available to support 21st CCLC subgrantees – and have been approved for New York State SACC credits. Create an account and access the growing library of courses by using the custom links below:

Oct 9 - 13

2023 National Family Engagement Summit Early Bird Registration NOW OPEN

Oct 10

Collaborative for Advancing Health Equity in Out-of-School Time: Assessment to Action – Advancing Health Equity in Out-of-School Time Virtual Institute

Oct 10 - 12

National Center for Community Schools at Children’s Aid: Community Schools Fundamentals Conference

Oct 17 & Jan 25
Nov 16 & Feb 29

NYS Network for Youth Success: Encouraging Positive Behavior

Jan 30

Save the Date: Afterschool Advocacy Day

Apr 17 - 20

NYS Network for Youth Success: Empower Youth Success Conference 2024



Must Know:

Know Your Rights: Attorney General James and NYSED Commissioner Rosa Affirm Every New York Student Has the Right to a Free Public Education
  • In advance of the start of the school year, New York Attorney General Letitia James and New York State Education Department (NYSED) Commissioner Betty A. Rosa today released “Know Your Rights” guidance affirming that every student between the ages of 5 and 21 has the right to a free public education in New York.

  • Pages 3-6 of the guidance is a “Dear Colleague” and technical assistance document for districts and schools to refer to when registering/enrolling students.


Revised Procedure for Submitting an Assurance of Multiple Day Administration of State Assessments form to the State Education Department
  • The purpose of this memorandum is to advise you of the new procedure for submitting an Assurance of Multiple Day Administration of State Assessments form to the State Education Department.

  • Multiple-day test administration is a testing accommodation designed to permit students who, because of their disability-related needs, are unable to complete a State assessment in a single day or testing session.

  • Guidance on the documentation of multiple-day test administration in a student’s IEP or 504 plan and the procedures relating to the administration of State assessments over multiple days can be found in Appendix H: Administering Tests Over Multiple Days of the Office of Special Education’s Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: Policy and Tools to Guide Decision Making and Implementation

  • For the memorandum and additional information on accommodations for testing, please visit the Office of the State Assessment Accommodations for Testing.

The following PDFs may require Adobe Reader to view:

If you have any questions regarding the process for submitting an Assurance of Multiple Day Administration of State Assessments form, please contact the Office of State Assessment at 518-474-5902 or send an e-mail to emscassessinfo@nysed.govfor assistance. If you have any questions regarding the procedures for administering State assessments over multiple days, please contact the Office of Special Education at 518-473-2878 or send an e-mail to speced@nysed.govfor assistance.


Influenza (Flu) Education

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) has issued information regarding yearly Influenza Education requirements for schools. Public Health Law §613 requires schools to post information about the flu and flu vaccine for parents.

Schools should:

Please direct any questions to


21st CCLC Data Management Handbook (Draft)

The purpose of the Data Management Handbook is to give Data Managers, Local Evaluators, Program Directors, and other relevant staff the information and tools they need to address sufficiently the data management and quality control efforts that are essential for successful 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) grants.

We are asking the community for feedback regarding the document and wish to see what can be improved, further clarified, and general thoughts of the document. Please give honest and constructive feedback regarding the document and its content. We will have the opportunity to discuss this document and various other data related topics during the Data Sessions of the regional conferences this Fall and in future meetings.

Feedback can be administered here -

We hope this document can prove to be a living and centralized location for all things 21C-related with resources and sources for clarification and guidance.

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U.S. Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign: One Voice. One Mission. End Human Trafficking
  • The Center for Countering Human Trafficking at the US Department of Homeland Security sponsors the Blue Campaign, a national public awareness campaign designed to educate the public, law enforcement, and other industry partners to recognize the indicators of human trafficking, and how to appropriately respond to possible cases.

  • Their website includes a resource library, where you will find Information Sheets, Pamphlets, Posters, and Toolkits, including a Response Guide for School Resource Officers.

  • You can read and subscribe to their newsletters at Blue Campaign Newsletters

  • For more information, please contact

Civil Service Examination Announcements
  • Recently enacted legislation (S. 5486/A. 6855) requires that Civil Service Examination Announcements be issued to BOCES, school districts, public colleges, public universities, local social services districts, and, to the extent practicable, job training programs.

  • These institutions would also be allowed to sign up for electronic notification of exams.

  • Such notifications for education agencies will be sent to the public contact information provided through the BEDS system.

Additional Guidance on the 2023–24 Elementary- and Intermediate-level Testing Schedule
  • For the 2023–24 school year, there will be a multiple-week window to administer the Grades 3–8 English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics Computer-based Tests and the Grades 5 & 8 Science Computer-based Tests.

  • The purpose of the attached memorandum is to provide additional guidance on the 2023–24 Elementary- and Intermediate-level Testing Schedule including sample scenarios to assist schools and districts with planning for test administration.

  • For the attached memorandum and additional information on the 2023-24 Elementary- and Intermediate-level Testing Schedule, please visit,

  • If you have any questions regarding the 2023-24 Elementary- and Intermediate-level Testing Schedule, please contact the Office of State Assessment at 518-474-5902 or send an e-mail to emscassessinfo@nysed.govfor assistance.

Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mailbox
  • The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion has established an email mailbox, which can be reached at

  • Please use this mailbox for communication regarding questions about policies, guidance, and resources to support advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within school districts across New York State.

A Practical Guide to Advance Community School Strategies for Youth Voice and Leadership
  • Working with participating Community Schools and students, this resource captures youth stories and insight to help illustrate how to build more inclusive decision-making and activate the next generation of leaders in our communities.

  • Click below to access steps and strategies for incorporating youth voice, engagement, and leadership in Community Schools and beyond! Go to the Guide

Accountability System Updates
  • The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is accepting public comment on amendment proposals to Section 100.19 and 100.21 of the Commissioner’s Regulations to align with the recently approved federal amendments to the accountability section of New York State’s consolidated state plan under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) for the 2023-24 school year based on 2022-23 school year results and the 2024-25 school year based on 2023-24 school year results.

  • The United States Department of Education (USDE) approved the amendments to the accountability section of New York State’s consolidated state plan under ESSA on September 8, 2023. The USDE-approved New York State ESSA plan can be found on the NYSED ESSA plan webpage.

  • Comments on the proposed regulations will be accepted through November 27, 2023, and may be emailed to

  • Questions regarding the accountability system may be directed to

College Application Month
  • This October, help seniors reach their higher education goals by participating in NY’s College Application Month (CAM) Initiative

  • CAM is an annual initiative whose goal is to increase the number of students applying to college from New York State high schools.

  • CAM High School REGISTRATION is now open. Register now to access a wide range of resources.

  • HESC is offering over 90 public events throughout the fall to support schools and students including financial aid presentations and discussions, writing masterclasses, and more.

  • For a full list of events, visit StartHereGetThere.

  • For more Information, visit or contact HESC at

2024 MLK Student Arts and Essay Exhibit

Elevating Student Voice Webinar Series
  • The New York State Education Department Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, in partnership with the Region 2 Comprehensive Center, is hosting a live three-part webinar series to highlight how elevating student voice is critical to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in school districts.

  • The webinar series will highlight practices used by six school districts across New York State that are engaging students as partners and leaders in DEI efforts within their schools.

  • Students, educators, and educational leaders participating in these webinars will share the impacts of these initiatives to inspire additional efforts to elevate student voices across NYS.

  • The following districts will be highlighted in the webinar series:

    • Gates Chili Central School District

    • Ithaca City School District

    • Peekskill City School District

    • Salamanca City School District

    • Shenendehowa Central School District

    • Uniondale Union Free School District

Resources from You for Youth
  • The You4Youth website is moving!

  • Content will be archived and accessible using Thank you for your understanding as the U.S. Department of Education transitions to new and exciting ways to deliver professional learning and technical assistance for 21st CCLC programs.

Powering Your STEM/STEAM Initiatives
  • Hispanic Heritage Month runs from Sept. 15 through Oct. 15. In celebration, check out a National Park Service page that highlights the work Hispanic and Latino people are doing every day, from conservation to architecture!

New York State Center for School Safety Resources
  • Climate Connection: Our new issue of Climate Connection focuses on strategies for conducting investigations after a Dignity Act complaint has been submitted to the school.

  • Tool for Training School Employees: This 20-minute video provides an overview of the Dignity for All Students Act and serves as a guide for training your instructional and non-instructional staff.

  • Information Guide: This printable document presents an overview of the basic requirements of the Dignity for All Students Act and can be shared as part of your training program for school staff or provided as general information to caregivers.

  • New! Guidance from NYSED: The NYS Education Department & NY Attorney General issued guidance reminding schools of their obligation to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in educational planning and decision-making in three key areas:

  • Initial Annual Safety Plan Training:This recorded training can help guide your efforts to provide the required annual training on your Building-Level Emergency Response Plan and components on violence prevention and mental health that must be provided to all staff by September 15th each year. The training includes prompts to guide your school through an overview of your plans and is designed as a group training session.

  • Lockdown Drills 101: Preparing For, Conducting, and Assessing Your Practices:This four-part self-paced training program provides an in-depth look at the practice of lockdown drills and how to ensure they are conducted effectively while using a trauma-informed approach. Visit our website to view these FREE training videos!

Visit our Safety Plan Resource page for additional resources!


RoS Program Spotlight

Networking and Knowledge: Highlights from the Rest of State Fall Conference

On September 28th and 29th, the Rest of State Technical Assistance Resource Center hosted its annual and first In-Person Fall Conference. We welcomed 200 attendees from all over the state to our “home’, Binghamton University.

The events kicked off with a Meet and Greet dinner on Thursday night where attendees got to talk and meet their counterparts from across the state. On Friday, we had a jammed packed day filled with information from the Rest of State Resource Center, Binghamton University Community Schools, NYSED, Measurement Inc, and our partners at Change Impact.

Be sure to check the website for information from the day's presentations. We look forward to seeing the entire 21st CCLC NY team in person at the annual Spring Conference in Troy, NY on April 19!


NYC Program Spotlight

Artistry Blooms at P.S. 142!

At P.S. 142, 2nd through 5th grade students are learning how to make mosaics in Mosaic Club! They are working towards making a mosaic that will hang in the school.

Submitted by Jess Cummings, Community School Director

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To be featured in an upcoming newsletter, submit your stories and photos here.

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