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NYS TARC Newsletter—June 2024

Updated: May 31

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Important Reminders from the NEWLY UPDATED 21st CCLC Timeline:

Attend mandatory training on determining GPA equivalents for grades 7,8, and 10-12 (GPRA Outcome Indicator 2) using MI’s GPA Calculators. June 18th at 10a-11:30a.  Register here.

Administer the Student Outcomes Survey or another validated student survey to program participants in grades 4 and above. This survey measures indicators of satisfaction and perceived outcomes. 

Administer Teacher Surveys for participants in grades 1 through 5. Survey responses are due no later than June 28, 2024.

Enter Spring 2024 program participation and activity data into EZReports by June 30, 2024.

Complete MI’s “EOY Staff Survey” by June 21, 2024.  

Engage in 2nd Internal Improvement Cycle Session. Use the Quality Self-Assessment (QSA) Tool to guide the process of assessing indicators of success and reviewing progress towards the measurable targets/goals set at the beginning of the year. Additional information about the QSA Tool is available at:  

Convene 4th Advisory Board Meeting/Year-End Review. Include all stakeholders. Topics might include a review of program accomplishments, areas for improvement, organizing information to communicate out to stakeholder audiences, and to begin strategic planning. 

Collaborate with the Local Evaluator and Data Manager to complete any final data collection and finalize data quality control. Collaborate with Local Evaluator to share available program and participant data, and to schedule receipt of AER once analyses are completed, results and findings can be presented.

All budgets and budget amendments require a Budget Narrative. If a program completes a Program Modification for a vendor or partner change, with no changes to the budget amount, it is no longer required to include a BA. Since some vendor or partner changes will still require a BA, we recommend reaching out to your Technical Assistance Resource Center (TARC) for assistance.


 EZReports Guidance

EZReports 2024-2025 system will be online Monday July 1st, 2024. Ensure that the following data is in EZR by June 30th so that it will roll over to the new system:

  • Stakeholders - Staff, Partners/Providers, School day Teachers, evaluators.

  • Users

  • Participant Data

  • Activities

  • Outcomes

If this data is not entered into the 2023-2024 system before 6/30/24, it will have to be manually entered in the 2024-2025 system.

What doesn’t move over to the 2024-2025 system?

  • Sessions, Enrollment, Attendance

  • Outcome and Survey Data



Mandatory: Attend training on determining GPA equivalents for grades 7,8, and 10-12 (GPRA Outcome Indicator 2) using MI’s GPA Calculators. June 18th at 10a-11:30a.   Register here.


Join us for an exciting virtual lunch and learn series we have specially organized for you!

Mark your calendars for the upcoming dates below:


These are non-required events that may interest you:

Ongoing: Self-Paced Professional Development

The Resource Centers have partnered with Change Impact to offer a unique PD experience with Change Up Learning – an interactive online PD platform. Change Up Learning offers a variety of self-paced courses on relevant topics including Equity and Inclusion, Trauma-informed Practices, Positive Youth Development and more! These free courses are not mandatory, but available to support 21st CCLC subgrantees – and have been approved for New York State SACC credits. Create an account and access the growing library of courses by using the custom links below:


June 6


10:00 - 11:30 am Virtual Session

Featured Speakers from the NYS Network for Youth Success: Alli Lidie, Chief Operating & Strategy Officer; & Timothy Fowler, Professional Development Director


July 31 - Aug 1


Save the date! Details to come.

The Rest of State Fall 2024 Conference will be held in Binghamton at Binghamton University Main Campus on September 13, 2024.

Reminder: conference attendance is mandatory for program directors.


Save the date! Details to come.

  • The NYS School Environmental Health Conference will be taking place on October 24, 2024, at the Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs in beautiful Saratoga Springs, New York. 

  • The theme for this year’s free, full-day conference will be Climate Action in Schools: Prevention, Preparedness, Response, and Resilience.

  • School professionals including administrators, facilities managers, nurses, teachers, and others are encouraged to attend. 

  • Agenda and registration information coming soon!

Questions may be emailed to the NYS School Environmental Health Program at



Guidelines for Managing Allergies and Anaphylaxis in Schools 
  • The Guidelines for Managing Allergies and Anaphylaxis in Schools have been updated and are available at School Health Services | New York State Education Department (

  • The updated guidelines comply with Public Health Law 2500-H*2, This law requires the New York State (NYS) Commissioner of Health in consultation with the NYS Commissioner of Education to establish an anaphylactic policy for school districts, setting forth guidelines and procedures to be followed for both the prevention of anaphylaxis and to be used during a medical emergency resulting from anaphylaxis - which is encompassed in these revised guidelines.

  • Schools must implement or update as appropriate their anaphylactic policy within 6 months of receipt of the guidelines.

  • Schools must notify parents/guardians to make them aware of the allergy and anaphylaxis policies.

  • Outlined in the guidelines are additional provisions and requirements in the law, including but not limited to, written procedure and treatment plans, dissemination of information related to allergies, strategies to reduce exposure to allergens, and a communication plan to students and parents/guardians.

  • For questions, please contact the Office of Student Support Services at or 518-486-6090. 

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New Law Requires High School Student Governments in All Districts
  • The new Section 817 of Education Law, effective September 1, 2024, states that every public school district with at least one high school serving grades 9-12 with no districtwide or school building peer selected student government is required to establish at least one student government organization within such district or school building.

  • Please see the attached memorandum titled, “Chapter 357 of the Laws of 2023 Relating to Student Governments” for more information regarding the new law.  The memorandum is also posted on the New York State Education Department’s Office of Standards and Instruction (OSI) Social Studies Guidance and Resources webpage.

  • Questions can be referred to OSI at or 518-474-5922.


NY Healthcare Workers for Our Future Scholarship Program 

  • The “Healthcare Workers for Our Future” Scholarship provides a two-year scholarship to approximately 500 selected recipients covering tuition, room and board, and other related expenses in an approved program of study at any approved New York state public or private college or university.  

  • Individuals seeking to pursue a degree in the following fields of study are eligible to apply: Registered Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, Clinical Laboratory Technologist, Radiologic Technology, and Surgical Technology.

  • For the scholarship application, complete program rules, and FAQs, please visit the Healthcare Workers for Our Future Scholarship Program website.

  • The deadline to apply is June 24, 2024.

  • For any questions, please call the NY Healthcare Workers for Our Future hotline at 833-791-2744 or refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.


Program Spotlights

A fun year of varied programs at Syracuse City School District 8055! 

Tiona Rockett, program director at Syracuse City School District, shared some great pictures of some of the various programs they are offering to students in the district. Jewelry making, robotics, service learning projects…what a great variety!

The students who participated in the Robotics class at the 21stCCLC program at Syracuse, won first place in the local Robotics, Rocketry and Drones competition!

The Jewelry Making enrichment class presented their projects to their peers, the faculty, community members and families during the annual showcase event.

As part of their service-learning project, students assisted with cleaning up the community during the national Earth Day clean-up event.

And last but not least, students and family members during the Multicultural Literacy and (SEL) Paint Night event.


Program Highlights from Counseling in Schools, Kelly Arriaga English Language Learners Academy

Seeds of Learning

Kinder, first- and second-grade students at our English Language Learners Academy delve into hands-on education, planting seeds as they cultivate not only a garden but also their English language skills. Through nurturing plants, they sow the seeds of language acquisition, growing vocabulary and communication abilities with each sprout and bloom.

Creative ELA

Identity Canvas: Exploring Diversity Through Art and Literature

In a vibrant display of self-expression, Kinder and First Grade students engage in creating self-portraits, reflecting their unique identities through art. Through a captivating read-aloud session, they delve into rich discussions about identity, fostering understanding and empathy for one another's experiences. With each stroke of the brush and each word shared, students not only cultivate their artistic talents but also hone their social skills, supporting and connecting with their peers as they discover the beauty of diversity and shared humanity.

Kickstarting Confidence: Soccer and Socioemotional Growth

In a whirl of excitement and teamwork, fourth and fifth graders take to the field, harnessing the power of soccer to fuel their socioemotional development. As they dribble, pass, and score, they not only hone their athletic abilities but also cultivate vital life skills. Through the ups and downs of the game, they learn resilience, perseverance, and sportsmanship. With every goal celebrated and every setback overcome, they strengthen bonds of friendship, teamwork, and empathy, laying the groundwork for success both on and off the field.

Martial Arts Mastery: Learning Self-Defense with Sensei Allan

With focused determination, students engage in mastering the art of self-defense under the guidance of Sensei Allan. Through the instruction of the upper block (Yodan uke), they not only learn the mechanics of the technique but also its practical application in defending themselves. Using foam sticks, they practice with precision and focus, honing their skills while ensuring safety. As they absorb the teachings of martial arts, they not only gain physical prowess but also cultivate discipline, confidence, and respect. With each strike and block, they embrace the power of knowledge and technique, empowering themselves for life's challenges. 🥋💪

Double Dutch Revival: Jumping into Tradition with Students

In a joyful revival of a lost art form, students enthusiastically dive into the world of Double Dutch, rediscovering its rhythm and magic. With ropes twirling and feet flying, they embrace the challenge and excitement of this classic playground pastime. Beyond just physical activity, Double Dutch fosters coordination, timing, and teamwork, as students collaborate to keep the rhythm alive. As they leap and spin, they not only honor tradition but also create new memories and connections, bridging generations through the universal language of play.


To be featured in an upcoming newsletter, submit your stories and photos here.


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