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NYS TARC Newsletter—July 2024

Updated: Jun 27

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Important Reminders from the '23-'24 21st CCLC Timeline:

Complete and certify Year 2 attendance entry into EZReports by July 15, 2024. Attendance entered past this date will NOT be counted towards the program’s attendance numbers.

Submit Annual MWBE 104G Compliance Report for Year 2 (posted on 21st CCLC website) to the MWBE office at by July 31, 2024.

Attend US ED’s 21st CCLC Summer Symposium July 31-August 1, 2024, if approved in budget.

Obtain grade report data for students in Grades 7,8, and 10-12 from partnering school district(s) in accordance with the prior-approved Partnership Agreement and submit completed GA calculators to MI’s FTP site by August 31, 2024. Contact your TARC promptly if your district’s schedule for releasing grades will not allow you to meet this deadline.

Local Annual Evaluation Report (AER) is to be received by the subgrantee and NYSED by September 30, 2024. Local Evaluators complete the AER using the AER Template (MS Word document) and accompanying

Evaluation Plan & Results Tables (MS Excel Workbook). Email a copy of the Year 2 AER and any corresponding documents to Obtain student outcome data from districts as needed for local objectives. If these records cannot be obtained in time for the Annual Evaluation Report (AER) deadline, please submit outcome information in an addendum.

Submit (Year 2) FS-10-F to Office of Grants Finance by September 30, 2024.

Commence Summer Programming (if applicable; Year 3 begins July 1, 2024)

Ready information for Year 3 Strategic Planning. Synthesize and integrate recommendations and input gathered from Needs Assessment and/or the Support Services and Learning Needs Inventory, the Annual Evaluation Report, and the Internal Review processes into plans for next year. Communicate findings, celebrate successes, and share plans with the community and stakeholder audiences.

2025 Grant Year Preview: In anticipation of the new grant year, we're excited to offer forthcoming document releases. Stay tuned for the NEWLY UPDATED 21st CCLC Program Timeline ‘24 -’25, SMV Tool template, Program Director Manual, and Action Plan template.


 EZReports Guidance

✅ Make sure you register your students who are returning from 2023-2024.

You can find them in the “Register Student” screen at site level. If students have aged out of their site make sure to transfer them to the correct site they will be attending. All new students will need to be uploaded.

✅ Double-check that all the users and staff are up-to-date.

Remove any users who are no longer working with your program to ensure they no longer have access to sensitive student information.

✅ Create sessions for Summer programming, and record attendance weekly.

You can also start building sessions for the academic year. 



These are non-required events that may interest you:

Ongoing: Self-Paced Professional Development

The Resource Centers have partnered with Change Impact to offer a unique PD experience with Change Up Learning – an interactive online PD platform. Change Up Learning offers a variety of self-paced courses on relevant topics including Equity and Inclusion, Trauma-informed Practices, Positive Youth Development and more! These free courses are not mandatory, but available to support 21st CCLC subgrantees – and have been approved for New York State SACC credits. Create an account and access the growing library of courses by using the custom links below:


Summer '24 (Various dates)

Responsive Restorative Circles and Conferences are highly structured dialogue processes that hold those responsible for harm accountable for their actions while also providing the support they need to be positive members of the school community. 

Participants will learn: 

  • Basic principles and values of restorative practices and how they relate to restorative circles and conferences. 

  • Understanding the differences between responsive circles, re-entry circles, and conferencing, selecting which process to utilize, and preparing students, staff, and faculty to safely participate. 

  • Responsive circle and conference design and facilitation. 

TO REGISTER: Space is limited and interested participants must be approved by a principal or superintendent. Priority will be given to school teams that send two or more staff members. Click here to register.


Summer '24 (Various dates)

Community Building Circles are a foundational restorative practice that, using a structured and intentional process, promotes trust and relationship building as well as establishes a method to host important conversations for students, staff, and faculty.

Participants will learn: 

  • Basic principles and values of restorative practices and how they relate to restorative circles. 

  • Design and facilitation practices that promote a sense of community, honest sharing, and deeper listening. 

  • Nine trainings will be held in various regional locations across New York State, see the attached flyer for dates and locations.

TO REGISTER: Interested participants should contact their school leadership to inquire about whether this training may be utilized to implement restorative practices in your school. Interested participants must be approved by their principal or superintendent. Click here to register.


July 9

Description: Join the 21st CCLC National Technical Assistance Center (NTAC) team as we explore content from the Out-of-School Time Initiative from Alliance for a Healthier Generation. We’ll review comprehensive tools from the site, including the Healthy Out-of-School Time Action Plan, Out-of-School Time Roadmaps, and the Assessment for Out-of-School Time to deliver high quality, healthy programming for your students.


July 10

Description: Think about the design of your program. Is it already amazing or do you have some challenges you want to address? Wherever you’re starting from, every program has potential for growth. In this session, we’ll talk about one of the most important attributes of a servant leader: a commitment to ongoing growth and improvement. We talk about a growth mindset for our students a lot; now, it is time to our attention to ourselves and focus on the potential in every program. Join the 21st CCLC National Technical Assistance Center to envision opportunities for growth and realign your mindset toward the potential of your program.


July 11

Description: Despite our best intentions, and best preventative measures, behaviors occur. But figuring out a consequence is not your only option. Hosting a restorative circle can put your youth and your community in the lead.


July 17
21CCLC National TAC (NTAC) | Office Hours

Description: Join the 21st CCLC National Technical Assistance Center Team for our next office hours session. We’ll answer your questions on all things 21st CCLC and out-of-school time. Do you have concerns about summer planning, intentional activity design, family engagement, or something in-between? We’ll discuss those and more as we open the webinar up to you to discuss your most pressing questions. This office hours session is geared toward 21st CCLC Subgrantees, but SEA Coordinators are also welcome! Register today and pre-submit your questions by following the link below.


July 23
21CCLC National TAC (NTAC) | Huddle - REMS TA Center Resources

Description: Join the 21st CCLC National Technical Assistance Center (NTAC) team as we explore content and resources from the Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) Technical Assistance Center. We’ll review tools for conducting site safety assessments and aligning safety plans with your host organization or school.


July 24

Description: Cultivating a culture of community helps fulfill our human need to belong. Servant leaders create a space where people learn, grow and make a difference. They do it effectively because they do it together. During this final episode of the 10-part series, the 21st CCLC National Technical Assistance Center will continue to provide you a space to invest in your own leadership as we explore the 10 pillars of servant leadership and how to improve your practice as a leader. Come ready to engage in conversation with other leaders, participate in self-reflection, and get strategies you can use in your work.


July 26 (Application Deadline)
  • Applications are now being accepted on a rolling basis for the Fall 2024 Teach to Lead Summit in Buffalo, New York on September 27-29, 2024. A benefit of Teach to Lead Summits is building relationships with the U.S. Department of Education, education partners, and innovative peers.

  • Teach to Lead Summits provide teams with collaborative planning time, skills development, and professional consultation to develop and refine innovative projects that can make a positive impact on educators and students in their schools, communities, districts, and states. The summit will convene teams of PK-12 educators from across the country who are focused on projects designed to improve the educator experience and strengthen the profession.

  • Teams can apply by July 26 for consideration for the event. Information about the event, FAQs, and a preview of the application questions can be found on the Teach to Lead Summit webpage.

  • Questions can be sent to the Effective Educator Development (EED) Technical Assistance (TA) Center at


July 31 - Aug 1

The Summer Symposium will feature successful strategies that State educational agencies (SEAs) and their subgrantees have implemented to manage all components of a successful 21st CCLC program. Attendees will hear from nationally recognized speakers during plenary sessions and work closely with education experts and peers during interactive workshops. SEA staff and subgrantees will gain valuable perspectives on OST issues and receive important updates about the 21st CCLC program.

  • Location: San Francisco, CA

  • Theme: The Bridge to Excellence: Together We Can, Together We Will

  • Agenda

  • If you have questions about the Summer Symposium, please contact us

  • Click here to register


Aug 15, 22 & 29
Network for Youth Success | Asking Purposeful Questions: An Overview

What does it mean to ask Purposeful Questions?  Click2Science defines purposeful questions as well-placed questions that drive STEM experiences and design questions while helping learners understand what they should focus on, and where they should go next.

Join Dr. Lorena Harris to learn how to ask good questions with youth. This session will include two follow-up meetings to help you implement what you learn with coaching and feedback. The session will be conducted in Spanish.

The session will not count for OCFS training credit.

  • First, enroll in ACRES. This is no cost to you.

  • Once you are logged in, sign up for this opportunity using the code NY373 PQ. Register by Wednesday, August 7th to ensure your spot! When: August 15th, August 22nd, and August 29th, 12:30 PM.


Save the date! Details to come.

The Rest of State Fall 2024 Conference will be held in Binghamton at Binghamton University Main Campus on September 13, 2024. Event specifics are currently being finalized.

Reminder: conference attendance is mandatory for program directors.


Sept 27-29


  • The NYS School Environmental Health Conference will be taking place on October 24, 2024, at the Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs in beautiful Saratoga Springs, New York. 

  • The theme for this year’s free, full-day conference will be Climate Action in Schools: Prevention, Preparedness, Response, and Resilience.

  • School professionals including administrators, facilities managers, nurses, teachers, and others are encouraged to attend. 

  • Click here to register

Questions may be emailed to the NYS School Environmental Health Program at



Introducing the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) National Technical Assistance Center (NTAC)!

Dear Out-of-School Time Community, We are thrilled to introduce you to the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) National Technical Assistance Center (NTAC).  

The 21st CCLC NTAC is here to usher in a new generation of professional learning and technical assistance tailored specifically for 21st CCLC programs. Our goal is to equip you with innovative tools and resources to enhance your out-of-school time (OST) programs.

We invite you to explore our brand-new website. The site is designed to be your go-to resource for the latest in OST support, including:

Stay informed as we announce virtual events and add new e-learning topics to the website! Sign up for the 21st CCLC NTAC Messenger to get our monthly newsletter delivered straight to your inbox. Packed with fresh ideas, resources, and inspiration, the Messenger is designed to help you think outside the OST box and take your program to the next level. Check out current and previous issues now!

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NYSED’s Expanded Math Access Program Now Includes Grades 6-8
  • NYSED is thrilled to announce that starting with the 2024-2025 school year, the Expanded Math Access Program (EMAP) is being expanded to include school students in grades 6-8.

  • EMAP currently provides free access to the First in Math Program (online, standards-based, math games and activities accessible at school and at home) to students in grades K-8. This additional practice supports students in meeting grade-level math fluency expectations. The use of free math resources is optional and flexible. 

  • In addition to students in grades K-5, all New York State schools (including but not limited to public schools, BOCES, charter schools, and religious and independent schools) can sign up their grades 6-8 classrooms for FREE First in Math licenses by completing the online request form

  • Students in grades 6-8 will also be eligible to participate in the 2025 Statewide Mathematics Tournament.

  • For additional information about the First in Math program,  including how to sign up for the free online math resources available to New York Schools and families, please visit the First in Math information webpage or contact Nan Ronis, Executive VP, directly at or by phone at 610-253-5255.


From the National Center on Afterschool and Summer Enrichment (NCASE): 

This publication is part of a series compiling NCASE resources for the benefit of state, territory, and Tribal Lead Agencies and their designated networks. This collection follows new policy guidance for states, Tribes, territories, and local early childhood programs to promote the mental health and wellness of children, families, and the early care and education workforce. It was recently shared at the Office of Child Care’s School-Age Child Care Institute.

The Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) is the largest national child care subsidy program used to support low-income families, yet these subsidies are only one part of the funding picture. Although many funding streams may be used to support OST care, working families, children, and OST program providers may rely on several types of public and private funding for quality program services. In this revised brief, we compare general methods for using multiple funds at the program and state levels and explore models for effectively combining CCDF with other frequently used funding sources to better support and sustain child care programs.


Program Spotlights

Having a ball at Sodus Central School District

"In Sodus, NY, we have recently added pickleball to our enrichment rotation, as the sport is gaining popularity everywhere. It's nice to get kids learning it at an early age. We currently have 50 kids enrolled in the program, and our hope is to expose all of them to the sport. We recently received free pickleball equipment from Selkirk's Growth Program."


Program Highlights from Redhouse Arts Center!

On May 3rd Redhouse hosted our First Friday event in honor of "National Space Day." Porter Elementary Families were invited to join their students to create a solar system and telescopes, learn about the moon phases with Oreos, and launch a rocket ship. Staff and students shared each other's birthdays, birth signs, and colored pictures that favored their horoscope personalities.


We also held a "Spring Break Camp" through April 22nd - April 26th, which provided childcare services that were helpful to our Porter Elementary School families. Academics and enrichments, meals, and snacks were provided. Students engaged with their peers, met some new faces and built new relationships. On our last day of camp, we invited a music D.J. to host a skating party. Staff were amazed at a couple of really good skaters, and proud that those who had no experience or were afraid to skate got out there and gave it their best! Some falls, a lot of laughter, and great memories!!!


Exciting Things Happening at Program 140 with Educational Alliance!

Lunch clubs

Pictured: Two Lunch Clubs visit Wick and Pour for candle-making adventures

Facilitator Ms. Noelani with her mukbang lunch club
  • As part of lunch duty, Educational Alliance staff who are working under community school hours also facilitate lunch clubs. Staff create their own lunch clubs and come up with lesson plans and activities for the students to do during the recess portion of their lunch period. Lunch clubs run from 2nd grade all the way to 8th and vary in activities such as gaming, art, media, mukbang, cooking and anime club. These clubs are an incentive for the students to come to school and improve their attendance as well as provide an outlet for the students during the day. 

  • Student survey data has shown that students not only feel welcome during lunch clubs (we have Spanish-speaking facilitators who run clubs for our new-comer families as well) but also look forward to school in order to participate in the club activity of their choice 

  • Club members have also participated in trips such as candle-making with Wick and Pour as well as a cooking club picnic trip as a reward for consistent participation and making effort in coming to school every day.

PASE SEL Mental health skill-building curriculum

(At right, see drawings and reflections by Ms. Kim’s art club as part of the PASE SEL lunch club)

  • Two staff members from community school hours have gone to SEL training and workshops hosted by PASE (Partnership for Afterschool Education) 

  • The workshop provided staff with a 6-week module mental health curriculum to focus on during lunch clubs as a way to implement SEL-based activities with our younger elementary as well as middle school students. 

  • The SEL module was carried out as an art club during lunch period, art became a way for the students to express their feelings in a visual way and understand them better Student surveys have shown that members of the SEL pilot study club feel safer when discussing their feelings and were able to use the tools from the modules to help regulate their emotions

High 5s Program

From top left to right: Carline Resiere, Casey Cabo and Gigi Ramos (facilitators)

  • A math enrichment program for our kindergarten class that takes place during after-school 

  • Creates an environment to make math more fun as a way to engage families and caretakers into the curriculum as well 

  • Makes math fun for our students and the goal is to meet them at their pace rather than focusing on speeding with a curriculum this proved to make more improvements


Exploring the World Through Anime: Global Kids’ at the High School for Global Citizenship

Global Kids’ at the High School for Global Citizenship. As a close out to AAPI month, our Anime Club was able to go to the Japan Society and participate in a Manga drawing workshop. Freelance comic artists from the Japan Society guided students through a drawing of Luffy, the main character from One Piece.


To be featured in an upcoming newsletter, submit your stories and photos here.


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