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Phillip Colas, NYC

Phillip Colas is the new Program Manager addition to the 21st Century Community, NYC TARC (Technical Assistance Resource Center). With over 15 years in the field, he will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to an already phenomenal program. He has worked with many different CBOs that received funding from different sources which allows him to fully understand what a well-rounded quality program should be. He has helped reach attendance goals, expanded enrichment programs, and maintained budget requirements for all programs he has been a part of. The NYC TARC provides an extraordinary number of resources and support that helps maintain high-quality programming which also includes professional development for sub-grantees. As a former Program Director, he understands how overwhelming the position can be.  “We have so many stakeholders to cater to, resources such as NYC TARC prove to be so necessary to help guide and navigate through it all. From providing so much DATA to analyze through, to supplying advice and guidance to ensure our community is served the best way possible, NYC TARC proves time and time again to be invaluable. What makes programs so successful is the cooperation and collaboration of many different stakeholders within the community. I look forward to the challenges this new journey will bring, but I am even more excited to the success that will be achieved.”

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