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Elida Martes, NYC

Elida Martes is a highly dedicated manager with diverse experience in extended day program development, school counseling and grant writing/administration. With 15 years’ experience at the New York City Department of Education she is adept at developing and driving programs to enhance school communities. She has been instrumental in securing, managing and sustaining 21st Century and Extended Day School Violence Prevention grant funding since 2009. Before that, she worked in the Office of Family Engagement developing strong parent leaders and helping to create linkages between home and school. Her passion though, was always teaching and learning. She started as an early childhood teacher in Brooklyn where she taught Pre-K and then Kindergarten and first grades. She received her BA from the University at Albany and her MS Ed from Brooklyn College, School of Counseling. Elida has two children who are both New York City public school students. This work is deeply personal therefore she is constantly working to improve and promote academic excellence for all New York City students.                                           

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