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Casey Pulz, Rest of State

Casey serves as the Director for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Technical Assistance Resource Center (TARC) for the Rest of State region. In this role, she oversees a team of Resource Center Specialists to provide targeted and intentional technical assistance, professional development, and support related to 21st CCLC programs.


Casey has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and has been part of Binghamton University Community Schools since 2016 in various leadership and administrative roles. As the Program Manager of the Binghamton University Community Schools Regional Network, she coordinated with school districts to leverage the resources of higher education, community partners, and schools to reduce barriers to learning for PK-12, and create an equitable school environment for children, families, and communities to thrive. In this role, she also led the Summer Zones program, serving economically disadvantaged and at-risk youth to reduce summer learning loss through a focus on STEAM, higher education, and career exploration. She also served as the Assistant Director for the New York State Cares for Communities initiative with the NYSED Central/Western Community Schools Technical Assistance Center, which supports community- and faith-based organizations working with school districts to address barriers of the COVID-19 pandemic for students and families.

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