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Geraldine Dorsaint, Director NYC TARC

Geraldine Dorsaint is a dedicated professional with a diverse background in law, education, and child welfare. With a master’s degree in human rights from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and ongoing studies at Albany Law School, Geraldine brings a unique blend of legal expertise and advocacy to her work. With over a decade of experience in the field of public service, she has demonstrated a commitment to promoting equity and inclusivity in education and social services. Geraldine's roles have ranged from serving as a Program Director overseeing educational initiatives to representing the NYC Department of Education in complex legal proceedings. Her skills in project management, strategic planning, and relationship-building have enabled her to effectively manage teams, navigate legal challenges, and advocate for vulnerable populations. Outside of her professional pursuits, Geraldine is skilled in crocheting and unpacking international political discussions to everyday jargon. She is also a proud mother of two boys and a very active golden doodle.  She is passionate about journalism, civil liberties and remains committed to ongoing learning and development opportunities for all.

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