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Cruz Garcia, NYC 

My name is Cruz Garcia and I work as a Program Manager for the NYC 21st CCLC Technical Assistance Resource Center (TARC). I am excited to work directly with the 21st-century sub grantees like you in supporting our students' needs. 

Prior to this, I had a sixteen-year career at the City University of New York (CUNY) where I worked as a Disability Accommodation Specialist at Bronx Community College. During my time there, I had the opportunity to work directly with students with disabilities and advocate for their needs. In addition to this, I've also worked as an Office Manager and Budget Coordinator, serving six CUNY Board of Trustees members. 

Prior to joining NYC 21st CCLC TARC, I worked for the Office of Community Schools at the NYC Department of Education as an Education Consultant. Where I worked closely with vendors who provided essential services to 21st Century subgrantees in round 7.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Public Accounting from Brooklyn College. I am a proud Bronx native and a product of the public school system and a hardcore Yankee fan, with a membership to Baseball Hall of fame. 

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