Recommended Readings & Resources

  • Bowie, Lillian, and Jacinta Bronte-Tinkew. “The Importance of Professional Development for Youth Workers.” Child Trends: Research-to-Results (2006): 1-9. Print.

    Afterschool programming success is linked to staff. Quality professional development opportunities can support staff and ultimately benefit youth. This article summarizes types of professional development programs, core competencies for workers, and benefits for youth programs.

  • Krisnamurthi, Anita, Bronwyn Bevan, Jen Rinehart, and Vicky Ragan Coulon. “What Afterschool STEM Does Best.” Afterschool Matters Fall (2013): 42-49. Print.

    The afterschool field has embraced STEM programming as reflected by the number of programs, participants, and dollars invested in STEM learning.

  • Palmer, Kristi L., Stephen A. Anderson, and Ronald M. Sabatelli. "How is the Afterschool Field Defining Program Quality." Afterschool Matters Fall (2009): 1-12. Print.

    A focus on quality in the afterschool field conveys a commitment to doing good work in programming and making informed choices about what actually occurs in afterschool programs.