Lights on Afterschool October 22, 2020!

Spotlight: Lights on Afterschool
Each year, #LightsOnAfterschool puts a spotlight on the important role of afterschool in our communities. On October 22, we’re helping to shine a light on the important role of afterschool programs in our community – and you can too! Let’s put the #LightsOnAfterschool programs that have been there for us! Sign up now to tell us if you’re planning on joining the celebration and receive information on how you can get involved in a Lights On Afterschool like no other!
2020 NYS State Proclamation for Lights On is here! 
Click the link below to access a digital statewide proclamation for Lights On Afterschool this year, signed by Governor Cuomo. We encourage you to show off and announce the proclamation at your upcoming event(s).